Fees Strategy

One of the most concerns for the client's needs attorney is how much it will cost. The type of fee arrangement that is available to a client, at AlZayat law firm we have designed fees strategies to meet with all clients arrangements We normally employ the appropriate options available on the basis of the nature of work involved, the urgency of the matter, legal issues involved compared to routine matters, the complexity of the project, lawyer's experience, time and effort required to be exerted on a particular case, and a combination of other factors. For further information on hourly fees, please continue reading below. The options available are the hourly rate, flat fee, contingent fee, and retainer fee. All work is normally accomplished on an hourly basis unless your retainer or order expressly states otherwise. It is pertinent to indicate that as a matter of policy only professional services will be charged and billed on an hourly basis. Supplementary charges may embrace but are not limited to telephoning, faxing mailing, and copying. Government fees are not incorporated into the estimates. Services rendered shall be billed on a monthly basis; the firm maintains not a commitment to carry out additional work once work has been done.

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